Morning Hair

20 October, 2008

Sporting the 6am mullets…

I did have beautiful muslin curtains . . . once, Oliver pulled the curtain rail down months ago. YES! agreed I have dirty windows!



3 Responses to “Morning Hair”

  1. Elizabeth C Says:

    The new logo is great…Secret project????

    Who cares about dirty windows with boys as beautiful as yours in those stunning photos?
    I’ve never heard anyone say on their deathbed…”Gee…I really wished I had had cleaner windows….”!

  2. andreac1 Says:

    not on my deathbed (I hope)…but reviewing the the pics I did ponder over “gee, it would be nice to have curtains and clean windows” But Oliver is up there nearly every second morning so it would be a soul destroying job! So to hell with it!

  3. Rean Kriel Says:

    You have beautiful children Andrea. Isn’t it just the greatest of pleasures to photograph your own kids? I’ll send you a few via email which I took of my little Amy (3) recently.

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