Anne & Warwick – Longmeadow Piano Bar

22 October, 2008

I have to apologise to everybody who has been waiting anxiously to see Anne’s and Warwick’s images on the blog. 

Quite honestly, things have been crazy with it being the summer wedding season, not to mention editing and album orders coming in.

I even received a “when can we see the pitchas” e-mail from the UK, asking when would I post these….. hopefully, they’ve been worth the wait!

Any how, back to their wedding ‘cause this IS about their wedding, right? 

Married under the Jacaranda’s, what a fabulous wedding it was.  And what made it even more fabulous for the detail DIVA, was the lovely finer points and personalised napkins… feast your eyes ladies.

Anne and Warwick have known each other since Grade One, which means that on their wedding day they had known each other for twenty years already!

There aren’t many couples out there who have known each other for two decades and still look this good!


3 Responses to “Anne & Warwick – Longmeadow Piano Bar”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Love the one with the jacaranda overhead – great angle! It is a really beautiful venue. The last one is so beautiful with the sun glowing behind the trees. Mmm.

  2. Paul Pearce Says:

    Well all i can say is this,

    As you may well see i am speachless.
    Wow is all i may say.
    Best Regards

  3. Venesh Ramsammy Says:

    I expected nothing less from you two.

    Absolutely stunning guys!


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