A “barbie” a Uncle’s….

27 October, 2008

Translation: Sunday was spent chilling at my brothers’s home; braaing (BBQ), swimming and sipping chardonnay. There should be two Sunday’s in each weekend.


Cousin Angelique



….and Jake who was not too keen on the water


4 Responses to “A “barbie” a Uncle’s….”

  1. Nicki Says:

    Your kids are just too gorgeous!!!
    Guess what?!?! Dave and I are pregnant!!! Can’t wait till we can call on you for a newborn shoot!!!
    Hope you’re keeping well!
    Your number 1 fan (who can’t, even after having received her own beautiful wedding photos, stop looking at your blog on a weekly basis)

  2. Jeanette Says:

    Oh LOL, I just love the last one!

  3. andreac1 Says:

    Congratulations Nicki & Dave!!! Glad to still see you here 🙂 (at the Blog).

  4. […] even if it is only on Andrea’s blog, and I’m really enjoying the new color palette that Andrea is […]

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