Gill & Shaun – Hertford Hotel

5 November, 2008

Saturday, two weekends ago, was spent tagging along with Dror, at The Hertford Hotel.

Browsing through the multitude of “creatives” and attempting to a select a few for this post I found myself saying: “Gosh, Gill is lucky to have so many wonderful images from the creatives” and then I realised, hang on a moment, she actually isn’t just lucky – she deserves each and every WOW shot.

As brides go, there really aren’t too many of Gill’s ilk.

After a typical Highveld thunderstorm, she was not only prepared to walk through the muddy aftermath, but also venture into some very prickly and wet veld to get these…

So I take my hat off to Gill… Girl, you’re thoroughly worthy of these! And, I am sure you will agree, they were worth every muddy, drenched and prickly moment!

To have a look at the killer images Dror took, click here.






5 Responses to “Gill & Shaun – Hertford Hotel”

  1. Elizabeth C Says:

    I’m going to call you the Sky Goddess!(it just complies… you have a direct line to the Master of the Clouds up there???)
    Stunning – as usual!!

  2. Gill and Shaun Lafferty Says:

    I think the praises should be aimed at you Andrea … you were the one literally lying in the dirt to get these shots (never mind being so patient with the Aussie men before the ceremony). Thank you so much for everything, we are over the moon with these photos.
    Gill and Shaun

  3. andreac1 Says:

    I was fine I did not have a heavy white dress on, so still think all praises go to you!

    Had a laugh with the Ausie men an my “runway strip” lad!

  4. Katharine Says:

    These are, as usual, spectacular! You really are the Sky Goddess!

  5. Sue Says:

    These are lovely, lovey!!

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