Love this dress shot!

12 November, 2008

I am busy editing Bonny & Franco’s wedding at the moment, and I came accross this image. It made me smile … so I had to post it.

This tends to happen often, I rush when selecting for the blog and miss “little beauts” like this one.



6 Responses to “Love this dress shot!”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Oh, that is too sweet 🙂

  2. andreac1 Says:

    Welcome back Katherine, hope you had a great honeymoon!! Glad to see the stalkerazzi tendancies have not died after the wedding!!

  3. jenty Says:

    LOL, love the dog in the shot. What a stunning dress!

  4. Nicki Says:

    So gorgeous!
    In hindsight I wish we’d done a pic or two with my little munchkins (2 pugs … brothers!) while you were here .. ah well 🙂

  5. Franco Says:

    I think Bonny secretly always wanted – Jamie (the little pooch) to be a part of the wedding… Well it looks as if her debut was a success – love the shot, its a keeper! 🙂

  6. Katharine Says:

    Hey Andrea – I don’t think my stalkerazzi tendencies are ever going to die, though I did prune my google reader of some rubbish. Tanja told me you were sick; I hope you’re feeling better now! And yes, fab honeymoon from which I’m still recovering! Pictures on my blog soon. 🙂

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