Trevor & Vivien – Pongola Nature Reserve

21 November, 2008

Things that make me smile . . . DJ Vlokkie (and his groupies), glittering disco balls, a club called ‘Night Fever’, Jake the wedding co-ordinator and a ceremony overlooking Pongolapoort Dam.

Trevor and Vivien chose Pongola Game Reserve as their wedding venue – and, what a spectacular setting it was.

Guests were treated to a sunset cruise on the dam, whilst we drove around the game reserve sipping champagne and occasionally snapping a few pics of the newly weds….

Oh! (raise right hand to forehead and insert sigh) What a tough job I have!

Trevor and Vivien are just made for the camera – I could photograph them all day!

They actually remind me a little of Kevin Costner and Katie Homes, my first celebrity wedding in the bush!

Alas, no long write up, as I will really fall short in describing what was a truly enchanting weekend.

Thank you to the both of you for being so hospitable.

Without further ado, here they are ….more than usual I am afraid, but we were spoilt with two hours for the portraits.













8 Responses to “Trevor & Vivien – Pongola Nature Reserve”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Oh, fab! You should always post this many photos, Andrea! Have I said this before? I feel like I’ve said this before…) 😛

  2. Sue Says:

    Wait a minute… did you shoot Kevin Costner’s wedding?

  3. Karen Says:

    Andrea, you are amazing..I know you had really pretty people to shoot, but these are still WOW!!
    I hope you got a good one of the “Pongola hair”
    You were such fun to have around – like a new friend – with a camera!
    Remember: START A PARTY!

  4. Kevin Costner (aka Trevor) Says:

    Andrea – AWESOME PHOTOS!!!

  5. andreac1 Says:

    Thanks Kevin, hope Kate enjoys them too!
    At Pongola hair, I am not sure my lens was wide enough to get it all in that was BIG hair!!

  6. Isabelle Says:

    On se croirait dans un conte de fée !
    Lovely pictures but the stars of the day y sont pour quelque chose …

  7. andreac1 Says:

    Those that do not understand French (Like myself) google translate sez:

    “One would believe oneself in a fairy tale!
    Lovely pictures drank the stars off the day are there for something…

  8. Lambiotte Michel Says:

    Other than Trev/viv the quests made this event so romantic …unforgettable…Andreac caught it through her lenses…

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