Kim & Leigh – Hakunamatata

12 December, 2008

Sorry y’all but I am going to make this a short post (Oh, how you’ll miss my great wit, right?!), but things are just chaos on my end,  a longer post will probably mean another two weeks of not posting.

I am not sure why, but there is something about a ‘Friday’ wedding that  seems  to make it a little more special to me. I feel like… it’s kind of a secret wedding, the only one on a day where everyone else is at work, sitting at their desks.

Kim & Leigh exchanged their vows at Casalinga and had their reception at Hakunamatata…a really unique affair!!







4 Responses to “Kim & Leigh – Hakunamatata”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Yay, two posts in one day! These are stunning as always – I love the sun in the last one especially. And yes, Fridays are a wonderful, magical day to get married on 🙂

  2. Paul Pearce Says:

    Hi there busy bee.
    Great work as always and that is to be expected from a master photographer such as your self.
    I must say you are converting me into a contrast freak with all your stunning work.
    God Bless

  3. Mario Sales Says:

    some super cool images

  4. andando por ai eu vi... Says:

    Hi Andrea

    I can feel the emotions that the couple had when I see your photos.
    His way of photograph is light, simple and beautiful.
    I loved the photos
    Camila – Brazil – Amateur photografer

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