Farewell my friend…

22 December, 2008

Well the time has finally come to bid farewell to this old wordpress blog of mine.

It has been good, it has been fun, but, the time has come to move on to bigger images.

As I type this, I am a little sad moving on and remain in two minds as to which one I actually prefer.

In spite of this, I am in love with the bigger images and it really is time for a change. 

So here we are –  enter my new ITDR blog just in time for the new year!

I promised no post without an image so here you are a couple of images off the new blog from a vintage engagement shoot!


If you do experience any problems please drop me a note.






Kim & Leigh

4 June, 2008

I was hoping on posting these before I left, but things do not always work out as we plan. Pretending to be a monster, chasing the kids down the corridor seemed far more important at the time, than getting a quick post in.

So here I sit at Zurich Airport, a day after my deadline, but I’ll be dammed if I miss my weekly post!

I shot Kim and Leigh’s engagement session at Irene Farm last weekend, and here is the proof!

BTW: I will have limited access to my emails and will be back in full swing on Monday.




Engagement Photo’s

20 May, 2008

“Winter will be quiet”, “Winter will be quiet”, I kept repeating to myself all year, and here we sit in May, officially winter, and I am desperately waiting for that quiet spurt to “hit me”.

Had two engagement sessions last week which I will have to upload together in the same post or else you will never get to see them.

First up Franco and Bonnie who tie the knot in October.

And here are Caroline and Georg’s pics who’s wedding photographs will follow next week.







Amori & Johan

7 May, 2008

It took us a while to get the venue for the engagement shoot sorted, but it all worked out in the end, another one in a week before the wedding!

Thank you both for being so game…Johan wanted grunge Amori, it had nothing to do with me!

Your wedding pics next week!


Midgethood’ comes with all sorts of lessons and many humblings – one of those is NEVER make “famous last statements”.  The sort of things I wouldn’t just mention in conversation and then ask you to please pass the mustard. These are statements I would announce LOUD, so that all and sundry would be sure to hear my stance and opinion on the matter, and then to my horror…’all and sundry’ would never forget.

Statements like:
“I will NEVER use Barney as a babysitter”
“Oh gawd! Dinner at the Spur (enhance by a facial expression of disgust) …No Thank You!”
“Aventura as a holiday resort…you’ve gotta be kidding!! All them screaming brats?  You wouldn’t see me dead in a place like that! Give me an isolated weekend in the bush.”

You would think these humbling lessons would have taught me to keep my trap shut.  I somehow ignored this lesson and went ahead with my “Lovely Gardens” post.

And of course, it came back to bite me in the bum, enter Steve and Sue.  The brief: she wanted an engagement session (minus the wedding) in a garden setting.

 Not only an arty designer, film student and photographer, herself, she was determined on the venue being a “Lovely Garden”………..pure, pure evil… someone must have sent her to play a joke on me, I thought.

Well I did it, a whole photo session with not bit of grunge in sight!





Vivien & Trevor

8 April, 2008

Writing this post I realise that I have not posted an engagement session in a while. I have been shooting these…REALLY, it just seems that there is trend at the moment where couples book the engagement shoot a week before the wedding.

Whilst I have no problem with this, it just means that I do not get a chance to post them, and after the wedding it’s kind of a done deal, there is no point in posting them.

So it was very refreshing to have one of these shoots booked months in advance. It was also nice that Trevor had organised such a fabulous venue, St Johns in Houghton.

Tough one deciding which ones to post;





Thank You!

4 December, 2007

Just received this from Westley…and with wording like that I am not surprised Yolande is so in Love.

“Thank you so much of these awesome pictures of us, they are priceless in every sense of the word. The reason I am so ecstatic about the pics is because you were able to capture the essence of our relationship and the truth of our love for each other. You made a perfect day absolutely awesome by giving us a personal reflection of our feelings and I am now more than ever excited about you taking our wedding pics because I know you will do my bride justice on her special day.

A honest thank you from a sincere heart”