Another Newborn shoot!

21 August, 2007

There are just not enough hours in a day!!!….things have been nothing short of “hectic” and the editing backlog has been growing! I have not had a chance to post everything that I had intended on and apologise to those who have not made the blog!

I shot little Maksim last week and got some really fantastic shots…another sleeping baby ..must be my lucky week!

Will try and catch up on the editing so that I can post some more on what I have been up to!

I am afraid that I can not post my favourite photos of the shoot (mom feeding Maksim…which BTW turned out beautifully!)  but here are couple of pics with mom…




Sleeping Matthew

31 July, 2007

I haven’t posted a newborn shoot in a while…so will dedicate this weeks blog to little Matthew. We got some great images and Matthew even fell asleep on the job…a photographers dream!

Here are a couple of images from the shoot. I am afraid that I have not had time to get round all my editing so only two pics on this post! Thank you Gys and René for being such relaxed parents! I am sticking with my mood today which is definately COLOUR!



Who’s your Daddy

17 June, 2007

Today is Father’s Day …..Fathers’ Day – an occasion to honour your dad and express gratitude for his love and support. In honour of the “fathers” out there I have posted a couple of my “fatherly images” taken at some recent newborn shoots. 

My life, on the other hand, is not as serene and composed as in the pics posted … hubby is father of three boys…all under three!!  

I recently got the run down of what you should and shouldn’t do on ‘blogs’ ….so I am not sure if it is ‘PC’ to have jokes on your blog? But ‘PC’ or not, this joke was to me the summary of my eldest child who will be buying “Dadda something speshaaal” this Fathers’ Day. 

After tucking in almost-3-year-old Oliver for bed (the eldest) one night, ‘Dadda’ heard sobbing coming from his room. Rushing back in, he found Oliver crying hysterically.

Oli managed to tell ‘Dadda’ he had swallowed a coin and he was sure he was going to die…. No amount of talking or persuasion was helping.

Dadda, in an attempt to calm him down, retrieved a coin from his pocket and pretended to pull it from Oli’s ear. Oliver was delighted. In a flash, he snatched it from his ‘Dadda’s’ hand, swallowed, and then cheerfully demanded, “Do It again Dadda! Do it again!“  

Happy Fathers day ‘DADDA’!  




 The Boys

My hubby and the twins (Jake and Liam) when they were one week old!

Hello world!

25 May, 2007

Ok here we are…. my introduction to the world of blog…..the pressure!

Not 100% sure of how this all works so bear with me if at first I do seem ….erm…”technically challenged”.

I have started a blog (which I will at a later stage link to my webpage) to keep clients and friends posted on what I have been up to.

In my first post I will upload pics of Jade, a gorgeous little treasure that was my introduction into the world of Newborn Photography, so it seems a very appropriate first image – thx Mark & Gill ..and of course Jade!

Tiny Jade

In dads arms