On the way home…

26 November, 2008

..from Trevor and Vivien’s wedding, it reminds me of the windows start up screen!

Windows Vista


Translation: Sunday was spent chilling at my brothers’s home; braaing (BBQ), swimming and sipping chardonnay. There should be two Sunday’s in each weekend.


Cousin Angelique



….and Jake who was not too keen on the water

Happy Birthday Oli!

15 July, 2008

I can not believe, for a moment, I’m the mother of a 4-year-old! It seems as though he was a mere baby just a few months ago. How quickly time goes – I really do need to savour every minute!

Naturally, we visited Oliver’s school today to witness the sheer excitement of being the BIRTHDAY BOY, including the time-honoured blowing out of the candles. Mom supplied re-lightable candles, which thoroughly amused Oliver’s class mates, plus he relished (of course) being the very epicentre of attention.

Happy Birthday Oliver!! Mmmwwwwaaah!

Liam also presided over the event-filled activities. . . and assists (nay, oversees) Oliver’s entire school with the blowing-out ritual.

Happy Dadda’s Day!

15 June, 2008

As I sit here posting this DH is outside with the twins hanging up the washing.

Happy Dadda’s Day Martin, we all do love you and appreciate you! I know we take the things you do for granted!

..and I had nothing to do with that hideous coat hanger Oliver made for you…enjoy!



I am going to have to reveal some really embarassing personality traits here, I have no choice I am afraid, I have to do it! There IS a greater cause here……not one of world peace, hungry children, barefoot and all the rest, but one of much higher importance. . . . . . it is a matter of sweet revenge!

So I admit, I went to the 2008 SA Blog awards and . . . . uummmm . . .mumble . .  nominated my own site. Yes, you read right, I nominated myself.

I know, I know, I know!! who in their right mind, nominates themselves???    I hang my head in shame as I whisper . . . .”me”. . . and I admit I was not drinking at the time!

At the time, I decided (do not question my thinking, just read) that if I nominate another blog it won’t look so terribly sad that I am voting for myself, so I quite happily nominate another blog site that I think of as a worthy contendor, my mentor….Dror Eyal…I mean after all he has taught me most of what I know.

Works out we both made it to the finals….great, I hear you say. Well, I was not sure if it was that “great”,  as when I actually thought about it…(note to self:  it sometimes helps to think these things through before acting – but I have never claimed to be a Mensa Member). .. that I am not sure if I want the added pressure of keeping the blog up to date, I already have a reputation for posting late!

So decide I will keep this all quiet.

Dror has until yesterday,  been unaware of my antics and devious ways, but I had to come clean, when I noticed we made the finals.  I now see…this is the part where the dead rabbits come in, that Dror has posted a plea, on his blog, to all his readers to vote for ME!!

So, please I urge you, with all my heart to please go to the site and vote for Dror….just click here http://www.sablogawards.com/2008/ and repeat after me “Dror, Dror we want Dror!!”

Oh, and to all the brides thinking I am not in the mood to go into another site, and do this silly vote…I will post midgets, week after week, after week, after week. . .Ok, that the brides gone!

To all those that aren’t voting yet…I promise if you vote you will look like Rockstars on your wedding day! (I have Photoshop, I can make you look GOOD..and yes! I have no shame!!)

BTW, I realise I am going about this the wrong way,  i.e. I should be getting you chaps to vote for me…..but I will enjoy it faaaar more if Dror wins!! Thanks for the other vote mom..I can’t persuade her to vote for Dror.

I have many, many, many  of these…and I am not afraid to use them!





Admired by Beckstead

8 December, 2007

David Beckstead, I’ve mentioned him before, the international wedding photographer that specialises in destination weddings and has won many awards, he held a workshop in SA in November.

Well a while back David set up a website www.admiredbybeckstead.com to showcase wedding images from around the world that inspire him. There is no commercial reason, it’s just a showcase of cool wedding images that inspire him personally.

In his own words:

“This site is for juicy photographers only! All boring ‘sit in the box, untasty’ photographers need not apply”

“You can’t pay me to put one of your images here, I decide what I like”

I am incredibly flattered to announce that David Beckstead has chosen one of my images for this exclusive collection.



Feed the Ego!

19 October, 2007

Ok, Ok….Ok!!! world record for me…… this will be my fourth post in a week!  Enough NOW! Obsessive behaviour this week!

Just received a comment from the Scandinavian goddess on my blog …but on my PC you can’t view the comments on old posts (you have to actually click on the post to view it)….this is too “hidden” for me….I need to fuel my ego!!!

YIP, you guessed it, we photographers are high maintenance!

“Wow, stunning, awesome, I honestly never knew I could look so good in photos :o) It was an honor having you documenting our day Andrea, it was a real pleasure having you around too, you made it all so easy and non-cheesy(as you know, my biggest fear).

The result speaks for itself I think and we both could not be more pleased. For any brides to be out there searching for a photographer who can document/capture their day showing both real emotion and humor, this lady is as good as it gets!!!

Thank you again Andrea, you clearly possess both integrity and a real passion for what you do. Eva and Sparky”

Hell….forget the Bokke …..VIVA! …Andrea! ….VIVA!