Another day at the pool!

27 November, 2008




On the way home…

26 November, 2008

..from Trevor and Vivien’s wedding, it reminds me of the windows start up screen!

Windows Vista

Happy Birthday Boys!

23 November, 2008

Oliver’s school concert on Saturday and the boys Birthday Party on Sunday, a busy weekend and I am in need of rest.

Two already,  can you believe it!

Birthday Party

I tried to put clothes on for the special occasion, but they weren’t interested! Liam on the left Jake on the right.

Things that make me smile . . . DJ Vlokkie (and his groupies), glittering disco balls, a club called ‘Night Fever’, Jake the wedding co-ordinator and a ceremony overlooking Pongolapoort Dam.

Trevor and Vivien chose Pongola Game Reserve as their wedding venue – and, what a spectacular setting it was.

Guests were treated to a sunset cruise on the dam, whilst we drove around the game reserve sipping champagne and occasionally snapping a few pics of the newly weds….

Oh! (raise right hand to forehead and insert sigh) What a tough job I have!

Trevor and Vivien are just made for the camera – I could photograph them all day!

They actually remind me a little of Kevin Costner and Katie Homes, my first celebrity wedding in the bush!

Alas, no long write up, as I will really fall short in describing what was a truly enchanting weekend.

Thank you to the both of you for being so hospitable.

Without further ado, here they are ….more than usual I am afraid, but we were spoilt with two hours for the portraits.













18 November, 2008

…between Ermelo and Piet Retief.



More on this later.

Love this dress shot!

12 November, 2008

I am busy editing Bonny & Franco’s wedding at the moment, and I came accross this image. It made me smile … so I had to post it.

This tends to happen often, I rush when selecting for the blog and miss “little beauts” like this one.


Through my window…

11 November, 2008

A lovely sunset last week that I snapped through my dining room window.