I am doing some major blog catching up today and there is no better way to start than to post some pictures from Marne and Charl’s engagement shoot. I must say I am really looking forward to their wedding in October as Marne is a graphic artist and that means details…..which I loove!




I received some lovely comments recently and just haven’t had the time to post them…

From Liza-Marie and David

“Thank you to both you and Tanja for being at our wedding.  We had a fantastic time with the two of you.

We had a look at the photos on the blog – I must say, they are amazing!  I think you did a fantastic job.

Looking forward to see the rest of our pictures, to be honest, can’t wait….

Thank you… words can’t describe how happy we are with your work!!”

and this one from Lauren’s parents Rose and John…

“John and I have finally arrived home to the UK.  We are so thrilled with your “sneak peek”.  You have done an excellent job, only problem is, you have now left us wanting more.  The photo’s are fantastic.  Thank you so much.  Andrea also a big thank you for your attention to detail and I am sure you have captured the whole lot.  I would also like to put on record our thanks for making Wesley and Lauren’s day so special.  The guests that we have spoken to since the wedding have all commented on the two lady photographers and how fantastic you were.”  

On that note I would also like to thank Lauren and Wesley, and the other two “album couples” for their patience and understanding …….my worst nightmare my PC crashed last week…an absolute nightmare that has led to an editing backlog.

Luckily I am paranoid about backing up the so no images have been lost, but the edited work …gone.  Data recovery I hear you ask ?….have tried two companies already with no luck and will try a last option this week! When I do something I do it properly!

It just means cold coffee, late nights and a new PC for me!