Things that make me smile . . . DJ Vlokkie (and his groupies), glittering disco balls, a club called ‘Night Fever’, Jake the wedding co-ordinator and a ceremony overlooking Pongolapoort Dam.

Trevor and Vivien chose Pongola Game Reserve as their wedding venue – and, what a spectacular setting it was.

Guests were treated to a sunset cruise on the dam, whilst we drove around the game reserve sipping champagne and occasionally snapping a few pics of the newly weds….

Oh! (raise right hand to forehead and insert sigh) What a tough job I have!

Trevor and Vivien are just made for the camera – I could photograph them all day!

They actually remind me a little of Kevin Costner and Katie Homes, my first celebrity wedding in the bush!

Alas, no long write up, as I will really fall short in describing what was a truly enchanting weekend.

Thank you to the both of you for being so hospitable.

Without further ado, here they are ….more than usual I am afraid, but we were spoilt with two hours for the portraits.













On Friday I had the ridiculously amusing “job”…. second-shooting for my dear friend Dror, at the Moon and Sixpence.

With the name Andrea (even pronounced identically as mine “Andreya”) how could the bride be anything but wonderful?

Many thanks, Andrea and Xen, for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!  It was really great!

Dror and I were blessed with a gorgeous couple and amazing African skies…what more could you need, for fantastic images?

Those of you who may believe the sky is fake , a post-production Photoshop add-on, take a look at Dror’s Blog – I assure you, it was totally authentic! (and confession I am not that good with Photoshop)

This post is going to be short, as I had to put up a few of the faves…you will also see, by my selection, that I am kind of obsessed with “the sky” images.

Mojabeng and Puso wanted to take their “creative” pics before the ceremony as both did not want to leave their guests throughout the wedding.

We did not want to loose that “first time I saw you down the aisle”, so with the bridal party we set up a senario, where we could capture that first moment that Puso and Mojabeng set eyes on each other. I must be honest this was the most emotional  meetup I have experienced.  I initially wanted to post a series of 5 pics of this moment, filled with emotion, but decided to hold back as these pics are so emotive and special that I felt it was best that Puso and Majobeng saw these in private.

I shot with Wesley (watch this space..Wes will soon be kicking my ass on the wedding photography side!) we both got some stunning images , here are a couple of highlights from their day…









Majobeng’s sister kisses her dad before walking down the aisle







I was once again invited to be a “second shooter”…which I always enjoy as you get to do the FUN stuff (photographing) …minus the hard-work (the weeks of editing!).

I have never come across such a relaxed and “happy” bride…..Joanne basically smiled and laughed all day…almost too easy….she is happy (or smooching) in every picture!

I normally do not like to post too many “kiddy” pics,…but could not help myself with this wedding. Thank you to the little flowergirl that tried to pick up all the rose petals, thrown out of the baskets, by the other uneducated lot!

Here are my highlights of the day….













Lynn & Wayne

25 September, 2007

It’s been a crazy few weeks, been a busy little bee photographing and editing. Last week I was honoured to have photographed Lynn and Wayne’s wedding at Thaba Ya Batswana.

It was truly a blessing to be there to capture their special moments throughout the day. They both were such an energetic and loving couple.  

A detail that I thought was super cool and different …..Lynn walked down the aisle to the tune of Beautiful Day, by U2.

Here’s a peek – as you can see from the pictures, they are a great couple!




Natasha snapped this one and the second last image


David & Liza-Mari

3 September, 2007

Last weekend Tanja and I got up at 4am (…Yip! no typo here 4am in the morning!) and travelled to Clarens.

Situated in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains….The Golden Gate National Park was the venue of our last wedding. The tranquil ambience combined with the scenic views made for a spectacular backdrop for Liza and David’s wedding.

You may remember the couple from their enagagement session…and I must admit that since then I have been excited for a couple of reasons….one they are naturals infront of the camera & interact as if they were on their own and secondly I have been looking  forward to shooting in Clarens.

Liza was brought up on a farm in Clarens and knew exactly where she wanted photographs to be taken.

Their ceremony was held outside overlooking the majestic mountains….and what an increadible view, but what stood out from the grandeur of nature was infact the “grandness” of their love. We can always tell when a couple is really and truly in love, and one thing is for sure David and Liza are really in love.

 I also have to mention that in his speech David managed to say a couple of words in Afrikaans…well done “Dawie”!

So here you go guys a little preview from their wedding day…… 

















Ailie & Brett

23 July, 2007

I second shot again,  two weeks ago,  which meant less pressure on me and more fun experimenting! Ailie and Brett got married at the Moon & Sixpence.

I was a little nervous at shooting at the same venue for two consecutive weekends ….I was petrified that I may fall into the “cookie cutter” mould… Gawd help me!

Glad to say that their pics turned out totally different….sigh of relief……it seems that each wedding, with it’s own unique couple, takes on a “personality” of its own!  (I must be honest and confess that there is one image that does look similar but if you put the two images together they actually look different…and 1 in lets say 400 edited pics that looks almost the same…thats not too bad!)

Enough about me…and back to Ailie and Brett…..The only word that can decribe Ailie is “ORGANISED” with a capital “O” from the time I arrived, everything was in perfect order and everything ran ahead of schedulle…which is not the norm…trust me!

I on the other hand (YIP… back to me, again!) could not even remember the names of Ailie’s bridesmaid’s, so I raised the white flag and stuck to “Preggy”, “Sexy” and “Sultry”.

I am once again humbled and honoured that I get invited to participate in something this special where two people exchange their love for each other.

Thank you Ailie and Brett!

My favourite images…













Snuck this candid in of “Preggy” and her hubby (above)






(PS: I did not realise that I had so many frequent blog visitor’s…I update my blog once a week and this is done on either Monday or Tuesday afternoon…depending on how organised I have been!)