Saturday, two weekends ago, was spent tagging along with Dror, at The Hertford Hotel.

Browsing through the multitude of “creatives” and attempting to a select a few for this post I found myself saying: “Gosh, Gill is lucky to have so many wonderful images from the creatives” and then I realised, hang on a moment, she actually isn’t just lucky – she deserves each and every WOW shot.

As brides go, there really aren’t too many of Gill’s ilk.

After a typical Highveld thunderstorm, she was not only prepared to walk through the muddy aftermath, but also venture into some very prickly and wet veld to get these…

So I take my hat off to Gill… Girl, you’re thoroughly worthy of these! And, I am sure you will agree, they were worth every muddy, drenched and prickly moment!

To have a look at the killer images Dror took, click here.





The couple I met in March was not, by any means, the couple I had photographed this weekend, at The Cradle.
Cyndi had lost loads of weight since our initial meeting and dyed her hair blonde, plus Jeroen had grown a beard.

You guys looked great and it helped that the both of you were so chilled the entire day!

Cyndi had requested the “Dark Cloud Cradle” backdrop, but there wasn’t a cloud in sight! My third wedding at the Cradle and I am glad to say that each wedding has had a different look and feel to it.

Also, a big THANK YOU to the both of you for allowing a third shooter, which meant that Sam accomplished her debut wedding.

Enjoy Mauritius!

I am back to posting decor pics as my other idea of separate posts is not working. Sam & Belinda contributed to these!



The ceremony (above) was held under the tress.









Another Album

18 August, 2008

Here is that album I tried to post last week.Those legitimate blogstalkers will know that my second shooter was none other than Dror Eyal, at The Cradle last year, and will recognise some of his images in there. Not the whole album, just my favourite pages:





The “Unsung Groom”

12 August, 2008

I have learnt three things this week:

One: Tree hugging is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Two: A chicken sarmie can buy you a small exotic island (If you know how to barter) . And, three: Photographing the groom is so much fun!

I was once again honoured to get the opportunity to second-shoot with Dror Eyal this weekend, where I had to photograph Johan (the groom). Photographing the groom is something I have not done in a long, long time.

I then realised the groom actually gets very little limelight on this blog of mine, so I have decided to dedicate this post, to the groom – so, Johan this is your 5 minutes of fame.

Those of you who’d like to see how gorgeous Nicole looked, can click through to Dror’s blog here,

I don’t doubt he is a bit behind with his Mauritius weddings, but am sure it will be there soon.

BTW: I changed my logo for this post, so that it is a little more masculine!

When Oliver saw this pic he said “That man is silly, he doesn’t know how to do Incy, wincy spider properly”

I received a call from my brother last week Thursday, enquiring what plans I had for the following Friday. . . because. . . he and Ursula were getting married.

Well, the original courthouse ceremony kinda transformed itself into a very cosy affair under the trees at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.

Whipped together in just a week, but, really in essence, what it was all about was the sacred exchanging of vows in the presence of those closest to you in your life.

I, or should I say they, were very, very lucky to have Dror join us. I am not really sure if he was there as a guest or second-shooter, but I did not hear the end of it from the newlyweds, that wicked sense of humour and great images…it does not get better! (You can see what he snapped here )

Congrats Mike and Ursula – here is a peak, as I know you’re both yearning to see!


Terms such as The world’s leading-edge photographer and IT Queen will never be thrown my way, as I am what marketers refer to as a “late adaptor”.

I have noticed that there is an international trend for wedding photographers to showcase their images in the form of a slideshow, but ignored this.

Being the “laggard” I am, I was a little sceptical about these slideshows. First of all, you need sound and bandwidth in order for them to fulfil their purpose, which not everyone has. Secondly, most of us stalk sites during working hours (pretending to work), so generally the sound is muted, so as not to blow our cover.  Andrea demonstrates the secret Stalkerazzi sign….. It takes one to know one 🙂

Consequently, slideshows were not really on the must-have agenda, until the “late developer” received a gift in the form of slideshow software.

After seeing one of my weddings in slideshow format, with sound and bandwith, I was almost reduced to tears.

So, hold on to your chairs ladies and gentlemen, the “laggard” has arrived!

Not only have I created a slideshow (the easy part) , I have also figured out how to…here comes a big four-letter IT word ….fttp-up the damn thing (the harder part, which took me days to figure out).

Note before viewing.   In order to make these things LIVE, you have to obtain a “hosting site” in order to store files and since this inaugural slideshow was/is more of an experiment, I just signed up for the first free one I could find… hence the annoying little ad at the top. Please ignore it.

And …drumroll…… it is.

You may have to copy and paste the url, as the link through does not always work.

Wait for the slideshow to load before you press play, otherwise you get stops where it needs to loadup. You can see it loading on the long bottom grey bar. Fellow stalkerazzi….this one needs sound so save it for home viewing!

Thank you Anne!

They met at “268 Staines” in London….and guests travelled from all over the world to see a South African by the name of “Sparky” exchange vows with a “Scandanavian Goddess” by the name of Eva.

The venue was perfect……the weather….. almost tooooo perfect (for a photographer) and our couple were ……well…..just perfect!

Eva and Matt were incredibly lucky to get a dramatic African Backdrop (with no rain!) to compliment their simple, yet unique day.

A day that was filled with emotion, laughs …….and guests with nicknames, that, alone would warrant a post! Shawn the Prawn, Big Dog, Rick Baby-Cakes, Buggy…I won’t go on!

Once again I was honoured to have Dror Eyal shoot with me and, between the two of us, we got some pretty cool stuff.

Eva and Matt you both ROCK! Thank you so much for having us at your wedding. I am glad we were both available!

Here you are, a sneak peak…


















For those that want to know…..I can see it at a glance…obviously!   The “masters” shots are …middle pic in 1, 6, 7, 10, 15 and 16 .

On another note, I found out, recently, one of my couples, Gen and Greg, has been nominated for “Wedding of the Year” at Oakfield Farm – you have my vote guys!!….although I have it on the “QT” that we are up against a “second shooter” I often use….no names this time!